Coverage Solum Event Insurances
No Show
Material damage

Solum Events Insurances offers the following policies:

  • Cancellation: This policy covers all costs that you make when organizing an event. This includes everything that you paid for beforehand, as well as all the costs that still have to be made. If your event is interrupted, delayed or cancelled, your production costs will be paid out.
  • Weather: Solum Insurance has the most comprehensive weather coverage, protecting your event due to inclemency’s, even those occurring days before the start of actual event and includes all of the eventualities that bad weather can cause in your event. For example it covers losses due to unforeseeable obstructions to the accessibility to the festival grounds.
  • No show: When an artist does not show up to your event, that can cost you a lot of money in lost revenue. Our no show-policy covers this risk.
  • Liability: Event organizers can be held accountable when injury is caused to event-goers or damage is caused to people’s property during an event. This policy covers the financial consequences of these claims.
  • Terrorism: Your event can be insured against terrorism and terror threats.
  • Profit: Usually event organizers assume that their event will turn out to be profitable. But if your event gets cancelled, the expected profits will be lost. Solum Events Insurances offers the unique possibility to insure your profits.
  • Material damage: Expensive materials are often used during the production of events. Insurance against damage or theft is therefore absolutely necessary. This policy is tailored to the specific needs of your event, so you will only pay for the things you want to insure.
  • Accidents: This policy provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused by an accident. The whole organization can be included; not only employees, but volunteers and artists too. Even visitors can be insured.