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International health insurance
Damage caused by the artist

Solum Event Insurances offers the following policies:

  • Bookings: When an artist falls ill or is unable to get to his performance because his plane is delayed, he misses out on revenue that he had counted on. Illness or an accident can even ruin an artists career, especially when it takes him a longer time to recover. Solum Event Insurances offers a solution to this problem: the Bookings Insurance Policy for Artists. This policy secures an artist’s earnings when he is forced to cancel his performance(s) due to circumstances beyond his control. When an artist needs to back out of one or several performances, the money he would have earned will be paid out by the insurance company, provided that the bookings were confirmed.
    The income of the management and the booking agency can be insured as well.
    Cancellation coverage can be added (although it is usually the promotor who has to cover this risk).
  • Career end: When an artist is not capable of working, this policy makes sure that the artist receives a (large) sum of money.
  • International health insurance: A lot of artists spend time abroad regularly. And that can make planning necessary periodical medical controls or hospital visits quite difficult. With an ordinary health insurance policy you will only receive medical care abroad in case of an emergency. Further treatment will have to take place in your home country. This can be inconvenient but a serious health threat for artists who spend a lot of time abroad. That is why Solum Event Insurances offers international health insurance. This policy allows an artist to get treated anywhere in the world. If, for example, an artist is living in the US for a couple of months and he has to go to the dentist, he can do that there. Moreover, the artist can decide where he wants to undergo treatment, whether it be in a regular hospital or in a private practice.
  • Worldwide liability: When an artist causes injury to others or damage to others’ property, he can be held accountable for that. This insurance policy covers the financial consequences of potential claims. Solum Event Insurances liability coverage is valid all over the world, including in the US and Canada. The policy will always be adapted to local legislation.
    Sometimes promoters ask for a COI (Certificate of Insurance). Solum Event Insurances can procure one within 24 hours.