Coverage Solum Event Insurances
Delay of a plane
Hearing loss
Career end

An artist’s fame and his reputation for reliability are critical to his/her financial success. When an artist can’t fulfill his/her contract because his/her plane is late or he/she suffers an illness Solum Insurance covers losses of the income he/she was guaranteed, even when the recuperation time is lengthy and can seriously affect his/her career.

Solum Event Insurances now offers a revolutionary booking policy to protect the artist.

When an artist is covered by this insurance policy and needs to cancel one or more of his or her artistic commitments, the money that would have been earned by those actions will be paid by the insurance company, provided that they are firm contracts.

The bookings insurance policy applies in case of:

  • Delay of a plane or of another vehicle that is used to get to the performance
  • Terrorism
  • An accident
  • Illness
  • Illness of a family member
  • Incapacity for work
  • Burnout
  • Hearing loss
  • Death
  • Incapacity
  • Disability
  • Career end

The income of the artists management can be insured as well. A cancellation insurance policy can be added (although it is usually the promotor who has to cover this risk).